Silence is Broken

The Silence Is Broken is a collection of poems which express the silent thoughts that we carry within us.  The poems reflect a variety of experiences and have been inspired both by conversations the author has had with individuals, quiet meditation and prayer. The direct language used transports the reader to the very heart of the ordeal leaving them with a very real sense of what is being felt.


The book is in four sections:


HOOKED – describes the emotions of those trapped by their position, thoughts or substance addiction.


DAMAGED – describes a variety of situations which have left a profound emotional scar on the individuals involved.  This section recognises there are many people living with these scars that can relate personally to what is being said but never describe what they are feeling.  


CHALLENGED – presents a view that may confront the reader’s status quo and shift them from a place of comfort.


LOVED – expresses the author’s feelings to those closest to her. Silence Is Broken is a book not only to be read but experienced...

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